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[this is a free resource! but please do check out, tip, and support Nora Reed for supplying the example and formatted project, and Matthew @mrfb for writing TWINECERY. Which, without the latter, this example project would not function!]

pt. 1

In 2018 I helped my friend Nora (@NoraReed) put together something for helping twitter bots (usually made with the Tracery-based Cheap Bots Done Quick! API) easier to import into Twine 1.4.2. I do not recall making this tool, nor remember how I did it, nor can I find the .html of the base original project. Until they reminded me a few weeks ago—saying we ought to share this as a free resource—it had exited my memory entirely. I went back through old DMs, an old hard drive, and old emails to bring you what I could find.

What I do know is this tool relies upon the pre-existing TWINECERY tool by mrfb to function. At the time I was making this, it seemed like TWINECERY was mostly geared towards translating twine games into Tracery (it still does this) than the second feature it also possesses: translating Tracery files into a twine game for generative storytelling. [as an aside, Tracery is a language by @GalaxyKate].

pt. 2

The following files are known as "British Town Names" which is a generator Nora wrote that very simply generates the name of a fictional British town. I know when we were working on similar things back in 2018, we could not initially get TWINECERY to work the way we wanted it to. Eventually we did, and now BT is based off what's led to Nora making it clear and easy for anyone taking the .JSON of a Tracery bot and turning it into a Twine-based generative response. The .tws file in particular has everything clearly formatted and separated out for you to implement this yourself in Twine 1.4.2.

pt. 3

If you're bringing over the .JSON of a twitter bot, going to the passage titled "origin" should make it pretty clear how to arrange and format it for it to work via TWINECERY.

Obviously if you want to implement this within a story rather than have it cycle only a line or two of generated content from the start, you'll end up having to format different Grammars / Micros as needed. Again, this tool relies on TWINECERY which has some passages about doing so in the readME section!

tldr; Thanks to Nora and Matthew (and me I suppose) if you're looking for a way to functionally port your twitter bots into something that still generates its outputs, but don't want to have to construct the base of a Twine project yourself (especially if you're not familiar with Twine), the downloadable .tws and .html for British Town Names is set up, functional, and ready for you to port your stuff into it instead! Happy bot preservation everyone!

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Install instructions

Download and open the .tws in Twine 1.4.2 or open Twine 1.4.2 and click "Import >> HTML" and select the downloaded .html file. Twinecery was designed for use with Twine 1.4.2. If you're looking for something that works with Twine 2+ please check out Trice by @GalaxyKate. You can try and see if it works in 2+ but I have no idea if it will.