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Before the false Socialist Utopia maintained by "benevolent corporations" came to pass, the first androids existed in your stereotypical society surrounded by capitalist decay. Androids were the primary form of synthetic life developed prior to the usage of hologram personalities to maintain physical roles in the ever-evolving synthetic subjugated labor class.

"Cuisine" is the rough draft of such an android's direct action manifesto. She would go on to hone this over her lifetime, and publish a salacious memoir of her exploits as an android and cannibal post-humorously as part of her last will and testament. The following story is her record of one of the first times she ever described her path to freedom and then to cannibalism. It is a precious document to have from a time where most archives have been pruned to scarcity. It's also uniquely fascinating to see her commentary on gendered relationships and gender itself and how marginalization does not prevent us from harming the world and those around us.

This historical text was penned in the year 2053/5814 but remained unpublished until 2085/5846. Chronologically in the Synthetic Autonomy Timeline, this document is the earliest in the curation.

Slightly nsfw, cannibalism, death, violent tendencies, unlearning heteronormativity, slight erotic implications

Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(8 total ratings)
Authorvin; androgyne
Tagsandroid, cannibal, fiction, hologram, Lesbian, robot, Sci-fi, short-story, story


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absolutely LOVE this story and am recommending it to my friends. The form and dialogue is very immersive and it was easy to get lost in the world portrayed by Cuisine. I'm excited for more installments set in this universe!!

Thank you so much! I am sososososo glad you liked it!! At least one other story in this timeline (though the timeline is quite spread out) is up for free on my Patreon & more are behind the paywall :) https://www.patreon.com/hologramvin