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droids is an expansion for 2-6 players based on galactic 2e by riley rethal, a belonging outside belonging game inspired by star wars. new additions include:

  • 5 character roles: the strategistthe apostlethe liquidator, the memory wiper, and the concord
  • 2 pillars: the intergalactic droid's union and the scrap hunters
  • 4 mechanics: chassis style,  design flaw, priorities, and cause design
  • [priorities for the intelligence & the parliament from going rogue! by jess levine]
  • [a planned 2nd edition that will feature original illustrations by me also]

enter a new era in galactic space! one where the droid rights movement has finally gained some traction... droids is meant to tell whatever kind of space opera story focused on synthetic lifeforms you've always wanted to see on screen. rather than reducing droid characters to only sidekicks or comedic relief, droids gives players the tools to consider the intricacies of ideologies, societies, and personhood itself. fight against the exploitation of all workers or undertake a narrative-rich mission full of personal growth. in this world, droids have all the same sorts of problems and triumphs that any organic character would as well as struggles unique to the droid experience. fuck up, run into your ex, malfunction, support a cause, or beep your way through survival.

if you feel lost, droids comes with some extended biographies that offer insight to the mentalities each role was intended to have. ultimately thou, this is an expansion which aims to encourage exploration of what the foundation of everything is and how to not just create a better world for all lifeforms but how to desire one too.

[droids was designed to offer compatible gameplay with the base game to allow players who want to play explicitly droid characters to be able to do so even in mixed-party campaigns. however, if you want to play a droid-only campaign, the current edition of droids (1e) maxes out at 5 players. edition 1.1 is already in progress and will likely introduce 1-3 additional droid options based on player feedback.]

"'design flaw: british accent' is the funniest thing i've ever read in a ttrpg rulebook." - @downloadedgoat


Buy Now$3.00 USD or more

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